Marketing Trends for 2019

February 1, 2019

Success relies on not only being aware of 2019’s marketing trends but ahead of them, ready to take full advantage of productive communications channels to deliver a significant return on investment.

A marketing agency utilises the broad range of traditional and digital channels for maximum reach, creates rewarding communications and generates conversion from interest to sales. Experts work with the unique client in mind. For example, the food and drink PR and marketing agency specialists at Ceres PR identify clearly what makes a brand “tick” as they work with and for their client, so excellence is assured.

Whilst it’s true that in PR and marketing one approach does not suit all, there are trends which trigger initiatives and 2019’sare already in the hands of PR agency teams and marketing specialists waiting for you to realise their benefits.

2019 marketing trends include:

  1. The increase in artificial intelligence devices being adopted in the home and voice searches signify a marketing challenge; marketing agency teams appreciate that personalising content and search results through a device is vital. Unlike a search engine, multiple results are not always given when the marketing is to a device and so the enquiry match result must be relevant to your brand and not your rivals. Automated communications via AI and creating emotional responses through content are key for 2019
  2. The integration of online, social and mobile marketing is a 2019 trend to look out for. A fully integrated approach maximises efficiency, communication effectiveness and reach. There is no downside.
  3. Brand storytelling to increase awareness is highly effective, not new, but in 2019 expect to see the consumer becoming part of the story. Brand storytelling uses a narrative to engage the emotions and compels consumers to act; make the audience part of the brand story, enhance the interaction and garner positive results. Showing how the interaction is benefitting the brand and the consumer is the next step.
  4. Wiser content marketing is here in 2019. The less experienced but enthusiastic marketing departments often suffer from quantity over quality issues. Hiring a PR and marketing agency to manage the amount of content and ensuring that every word is relevant and value for money is imperative in 2019. Content marketing is superbly effective when the content is not bland or simply there to meet a quota of posts.
  5. PR agency teams and marketing experts expect that 2019 will see a rise in micro influencers. These people are not celebrities or unreachable big-name experts but real people with a dedicated following for their social media, blogs or vlogs that the consumer can identify with.

For some businesses, handling marketing in-house is appropriate but for the majority it is imperative to hire a PR and marketing agency with experienced and proactive specialists. We are trading in uncertain times; Brexit wrangling has left its mark on consumer and commercial confidence. This means that working alone, guessing about the right marketing channels for your target market and aiming to calculate their efficiency is inherently risky; every penny counts. Call a marketing agency today.